Here Comes the Sunshine, Ciao 2014!!

Amazing how one year could change everything in your life. Big life events shape and establish the person you are and strive to be. As today reaches the last day of 2014, I reflected and the end conclusion is I am thankful for all the good, bad and in-between. EVERY experience this year rocked my world and pushed me to truly “know thy self.” The most liberating piece of it all is I can stand on my own two feet, head held high and smile because I truly know how I conquered. Yes how cliche! But not paying mind to nonsense and what people think did wonders and really taught me to just be ME again. That is truly the best feeling and a gift in itself.

I am blessed to start 2015 with a Bachelors, a new career, beautiful people who are there for the right reasons and me living again. All the wonderful people (yes you) have inspired me in so many ways, the love and positivity pushes me each day. For me, making others happy makes me happy and it is my LIFE GOAL to make a difference in this world, big or small. I hope the same for each one of you too! Salute to all the beautiful things in your world and I cannot wait for you 2015, because it will be fabulous. Ciao!



The Old Spice Effect

Infamously known for their out of the box marketing and advertising, Old Spice remains as an attractive brand for men. Yes, obviously I am a woman but Old Spice’s tactics demand attention from both perspectives. Every time their commercials appear on television or the internet, I cannot help but watch and giggle. I am beyond fascinated with their innovative campaign “Smellcome to Manhood,” appealing to not just men but now mothers too. Smart, considering Old Spice planned on targeting an audience of both men between 12 and 24, and their mothers. This according to the Ad Agency, listed below, Old Spice utilizes a point of view of a mother singing in desperation, who most likely will purchase the fragrance for their little boy transitioning into a grown man. In my opinion, Old Spice’s campaign within the media and audience screams creativity and markets as attractive product to a modern consumer.

In a throw back sense, Old Spice projected an image that marketed to an elder men within a baby boomer generation. As Social Times reports, this target market was an established consumer since its initial brand launch in 1938. I always associated the Old Spice brand with an elder man such as my grandpa or the sweet retiree vacationing in Florida. In a marketing plan, Old Spice had their challenges appealing to both an existing elder market and younger consumer, referring to Generation X and Millennials. Social Times lays out the campaign launching in 2010, known as the Old Spice Swagger. The campaign  first appeared on television and print, showcasing “The Old Spice Swagger” but transcended into YouTube and Twitter because of the popularity within the years. For instance, CNN and Topsy reported within a day that Old Spice was tweeted over 50,000 times and viewed online over 1 million times. This all occurring during the 2014 NFL playoff games, a perfect launch occasion for their intended audience. I feel as a consumer, Old Spice has managed to attract the intended audience and more, such as mothers, wives, girlfriends or significant others.

I visited Old Spice’s website and of course, their new campaign “Smellcome to Manhood” appeared as well as Terry Cruise, their celebrity endorser. As discussed in class, this enhances a campaigns likability among their audiences and consumers. With a celebrity like Terry Cruise, a comedic actor and retired football player, will increase a fan base among the Old Spice brand. Not to mention, as the years go on, Old Spice has conquered uniqueness within its campaign, positive or negative attention gained, and remains as a favored brand among the male demographic. No recommendations needed, I would kill for opportunity within their marketing and advertising team because of their brilliant ways.

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The Meaning of SM Convenience

Convenience is one of the most treasured words among our society and around the world. I pick up my phone and I click into my Twitter app and walaa, the latest news trending appear from my favorite sites, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and of course #Dodd14. The accessibility of multiple trending outlets, whether it be news, fashion, videos or music, is all dedicated in your choice of subscription. Now a days, the exposure is endless because of different SM platforms working together involving multiple varieties of brands to ensure their marketed and easily accessible through all sources of outlets. The future of SM platforms thrives on this idea because of the convenience and accessibility. Anyone with various SM platforms understands how easy it is to connect Facebook with Pinterest, or Klout connecting all of the SM platforms configuring YOUR effect on SM. Whoa!! In my opinion, we live in a world that focuses so much on convenience but I honestly never knew how all of this came to be, it just was.

Through my readings in SMB and our class, I discovered the savvy tool that connects all of these worlds together. RSS(really simple syndication) is the phenomenon behind making it possible to stream content provided by you or the subscriptions made within the chosen SM platforms. When I googled RSS sites, many news outlets appeared such as CNN, ABC, The New York Times, providing the option to subscribe to categories of your choice. Next, the user connects it to the chosen RSS site such as Digg Reader, AOL reader, My Yahoo or just in general to their chosen SM platform. Below, the Times Tech locates the top four RSS sites after Google Reader is no more and adds to my supported analysis of RSS. Those are just a few of the many RSS sites designated to help the user actively engage in their likes in a fast and effective manner. Each SM platform has their own way to cleverly deliver their content which is an actual RSS site or models similar technology. Facebook utilizes the like buttons or subscribe. Twitter has it’s lists that preference your follows of a tweeter or brand. It’s amazing how the accessibility is so convenient for us users. Websites and their RSS tools have the power to format their site with what you decide in one click.

Any words come to mind with this phenomenon or do I need to spell it out..

Secretly, everyone loves to hear the words of “It’s all about you.” Hence, technology has molded itself to better understand a user when accessing search engine sites. Take for instance Google, my favorite search engine site. As I begin to search a topic, words automatically appear, encrypting the topic I am searching for. Most of the times, the initial ideas or word usage accurately leads me on the intended path. SEO(search engine optimization) makes the word match possible, allowing exposure of various types of content by just typing in the one or two key words. The SEO will even create a variety of findings. The key factor when searching is choosing the key words associated with the detailed information. For instance, I searched Fashion with the thoughts in mind of trends or fashion week. SEO generated exactly that but more detailed with pictures and the most recent news. SEM (search engine marketing) focuses on the marketing tactics researching the correct words and content to attract attention and the intended target market. BOTH SEO AND SEM go hand in hand and build upon each other. Because of the evolution in SM, the increase awareness and attention to detail will be heavily influenced through the searching of topics. Here is an example of how marketing will change within SM and how SEM should be mindful

In the world of SM, the tools discussed open a range of possibilities and conveniences. They remain as the building blocks of the fundamentals and continue to evolve for the future. Marketing is now marketed in a persuasive way without being invasive or overbearing. YOU, the user, control what is to be streamed and presented. Understand that the power is in your hands so format it to your liking. Because in this day and age, it is only advancing..

Simplicity Sunday’s

I have never appreciated Sundays until now, my middle twenties. As a child, I always thought Sundays were a useless day to where it is an excuse to be lazy and achieve nothing, which as a go-getter, drives me insane. As time went on, my relationship with Sundays started to change. Especially when you throw working in the mix and adult-hood kicking in, I wished for when my Sundays possessed that special lazy factor I once despised. Today, my simplicity Sunday returned and every aspect was everything and more.

Simplicity & Daisies

Simplicity & Daisies

To start off the day, sleeping was at first in mind but something screamed adventure. Today the beautiful weather alone, blue skies and moving winds, just motivated me to get out there and explore. As I sipped my light and sweet coffee, the sun shined upon porch and I wanted to be outside.** My thoughtful and handsome other half, Jason, served me the best delight of Sunday’s, breakfast! Yummy cinnamon waffles, covered in sweet syrup, served along side of cut-up bananas and delicious it was. We ate and chit-chatted our options but being outside remained a major determinant for our special day. Early mornings and beautiful weather liberated us to gallivant onto Animal Kingdom. Why not, right? Adventure is about discovering and venturing so we felt as if Animal Kingdom personified that in many ways. So no time to waste, we left and giggled the whole ride there..

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

As we arrived, the Disney madness was there. Yes, we were part of that madness but seeking a different experience than the intended. An experience enriched with the natural beauties of Sunday and a “go with the flow” attitude, my favorite kind of Disney day. To the contrary, my usual days as a concierge, full of madness, planning others’ days with saying farewell as I stand behind a desk. But not today, I was the one gallivanting, maybe even skipping, through the park looking for anything beautiful to catch my eye. We experienced so much,not because the lines were short, but it was the full of life radiance we fashioned. As we traveled Pangani’s Forest Exploration Trail, beautiful sounds of nature and animals was literally a fresh breath of air. We laughed, chit-chatted and lived life the way its meant to be lived.

Butterfly Beauty

Butterfly Beauty

As we left in the mid-afternoon, we felt as if we truly embraced this beautiful Sunday and did something meaningful for us. Most importantly, we were happy and left all of worries and stresses behind. Every Sunday, should be experienced like we experienced today. Now be mindful, we did experience a Sunday afternoon siesta and pasta, celebrating my Italian rituals. But I personified what every hard-working student or professional should be doing on their simplistic Sunday’s, LIVING!!

Sunlight In Tree's

Sunlight In Tree’s

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Out and About with Microblogging

Nowadays, the “On the go” mentality remains as a focus in my daily life. Originally, I hail from the city that never sleeps so my time is very precious and the most efficient way is the best way. That mindset continues to proceed with me, especially in the world of Social Media. As we all know, SM can be time-consuming which is why our precious time must be spent in the most meaningful manner. While on the go, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, is utilized on my free time. Free time is a privilege in my world and my guilty pleasure remains within my SM networks.

Microblog in a New York minute..Or wait, let’s MEME it?

Microblogging remains as the root for all these Social Network happenings for making the impossible to possible. This term is known as Microblogging, conveying a message in a 140 characters or less. Memes may be attached as well, which is a picture, link, video or other interests that suit the specific message intended. The convenience of the Microblog has a consistent standing in the SM world for how prominent and popular it is to convey a message in a simplistic way. Memes collaborate humor, opinion and recognizable features that attract a likable factor among SM users. Twitter is the offspring of Microblogging which maintains the appetite for a short, sweet, and to the point approach. Twitter leads the pack for Microblogging and the way most of our society stays informs, communicates and connects with others in a personal or professional sense. The normality of turning on the television or radio to achieve the news is fading out because of the activity of news flow displaying on Twitter. The infographics below display statistics among networks or brands that are prominent in the daily case. Is it shocking for how popular and prominent Twitter remains in our daily lives?


Personally or in a business manner, reputation will proceed in your online presence for how you manage that personal brand. In both online personas’, taking the time to commit and build that brand with patience and full understanding, projects a meaningful commitment and relationship. Most consumers or people within your realm will respect an honest and genuine approach. Especially in a business sense, two-way communication and feedback is vital for a successful company. For most companies, an online presence is an active on networks such as Twitter, because it stands as the fastest way for problems or comments to be communicated efficiently and effectively. If there is an issue or even a compliment, companies hold the power to solve or communicate back with the consumer to show engagement and genuine care. As consumers, we appreciate a Re-tweet or an answer to comply with our needs fast and effectively. Recently, I experienced a company who possessed this genuine effect. T-Mobile retweeted me back on a Twitter praising me as a customer. The effect of a mention on Twitter from T-mobile was a spectacular way to personalize an experience and engage back with a consumer. In summation, a business should abide to a strategy to market their brand in a specific manner, attracting that intended target market. If it’s free it’s for me or better yet, your BUSINESS!! Advertising in newspapers and magazines is some-what ancient and lacking creativeness. Ads are okay but the SM market is in our future and has the power to spread the WOM(word of mouth) in a cult-esque voice worldwide. Investing in SM networks remains as an important link to what’s trending and if your that company leading the trend. Invest the time, thought, and correct team to pursue a SM presence. Below, Forbes lists some great strategies to assist company with guidelines participating in SM.

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The Transformation

It’s my pleasure to meet you..

Hello world! Let me introduce myself formally as Taryn, the girl who smiles continuously and who generates sunshine wherever she goes, crazy right? But this is me, a UCF collegiate gal, who is psyched to experience blogging as a project. I am extremely new to this whole blogging venture so please feel free to speak and voice the opinions that come to mind. Online personas project what you choose too and I plan to express honesty in my truest form. As a communication major, or the correct terminology known as an Interpersonal and Organizational Communications major, big breath!! My niche for the communication field broadened ALL horizons in my life.

A two-way street is a beautiful thing..

Every single relationship you or I partake in, deals with the utilization of communication and the basic need to connect or feel wanted.  A little cliché but true!! The longing to feel wanted exists in the majority all societies or cultures. To a degree, Social Media deals in every aspect and represents how we communicate and market our brand. Our actions in person or online illustrate that picture. Most of us posses the social need to feel wanted, loved and connected. The words ‘Social Media’ are addicting in itself for it offers what we crave. Visualize on a daily routine, most mesmerized by our phones connecting not only in a way of email or telephone but primarily through Social Media networks. In general marketing a brand, whether it be a business or individual self, creates cohesion of a connected bond among users. Recently, I came across the latest statistics of Social Media networks and their standings through 2013. The utilization of Social Media on mobiles achieves the most active users. Out of all technology, the mobile device is the main connect for Social Media. 

In Social Media, we trust..

To gain respect and trust, you must provide it as well. The spoken and unspoken rules lay within Social Media networks guiding users to act with morale and honesty. Hopefully, most follow and abide by the rules for the repercussions may damage many things, personally and professionally. When joining a network, one must do the research and read the legalities, to fully understand if this network is the best candidate for them. In summation, understand the meaning of social networks and maintaining an actual representation builds character and trust. I cherish my Social Media networks. I possess Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, all serve responsibly in their individual purposes. Bottom line, maintain your networks accurately and stay true for it may create beautiful opportunities’ in the future.

Upcoming-SM Fashionista to a T

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