The Transformation

It’s my pleasure to meet you..

Hello world! Let me introduce myself formally as Taryn, the girl who smiles continuously and who generates sunshine wherever she goes, crazy right? But this is me, a UCF collegiate gal, who is psyched to experience blogging as a project. I am extremely new to this whole blogging venture so please feel free to speak and voice the opinions that come to mind. Online personas project what you choose too and I plan to express honesty in my truest form. As a communication major, or the correct terminology known as an Interpersonal and Organizational Communications major, big breath!! My niche for the communication field broadened ALL horizons in my life.

A two-way street is a beautiful thing..

Every single relationship you or I partake in, deals with the utilization of communication and the basic need to connect or feel wanted.  A little cliché but true!! The longing to feel wanted exists in the majority all societies or cultures. To a degree, Social Media deals in every aspect and represents how we communicate and market our brand. Our actions in person or online illustrate that picture. Most of us posses the social need to feel wanted, loved and connected. The words ‘Social Media’ are addicting in itself for it offers what we crave. Visualize on a daily routine, most mesmerized by our phones connecting not only in a way of email or telephone but primarily through Social Media networks. In general marketing a brand, whether it be a business or individual self, creates cohesion of a connected bond among users. Recently, I came across the latest statistics of Social Media networks and their standings through 2013. The utilization of Social Media on mobiles achieves the most active users. Out of all technology, the mobile device is the main connect for Social Media. 

In Social Media, we trust..

To gain respect and trust, you must provide it as well. The spoken and unspoken rules lay within Social Media networks guiding users to act with morale and honesty. Hopefully, most follow and abide by the rules for the repercussions may damage many things, personally and professionally. When joining a network, one must do the research and read the legalities, to fully understand if this network is the best candidate for them. In summation, understand the meaning of social networks and maintaining an actual representation builds character and trust. I cherish my Social Media networks. I possess Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, all serve responsibly in their individual purposes. Bottom line, maintain your networks accurately and stay true for it may create beautiful opportunities’ in the future.

Upcoming-SM Fashionista to a T

Until next time..



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