Out and About with Microblogging

Nowadays, the “On the go” mentality remains as a focus in my daily life. Originally, I hail from the city that never sleeps so my time is very precious and the most efficient way is the best way. That mindset continues to proceed with me, especially in the world of Social Media. As we all know, SM can be time-consuming which is why our precious time must be spent in the most meaningful manner. While on the go, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, is utilized on my free time. Free time is a privilege in my world and my guilty pleasure remains within my SM networks.

Microblog in a New York minute..Or wait, let’s MEME it?

Microblogging remains as the root for all these Social Network happenings for making the impossible to possible. This term is known as Microblogging, conveying a message in a 140 characters or less. Memes may be attached as well, which is a picture, link, video or other interests that suit the specific message intended. The convenience of the Microblog has a consistent standing in the SM world for how prominent and popular it is to convey a message in a simplistic way. Memes collaborate humor, opinion and recognizable features that attract a likable factor among SM users. Twitter is the offspring of Microblogging which maintains the appetite for a short, sweet, and to the point approach. Twitter leads the pack for Microblogging and the way most of our society stays informs, communicates and connects with others in a personal or professional sense. The normality of turning on the television or radio to achieve the news is fading out because of the activity of news flow displaying on Twitter. The infographics below display statistics among networks or brands that are prominent in the daily case. Is it shocking for how popular and prominent Twitter remains in our daily lives?



Personally or in a business manner, reputation will proceed in your online presence for how you manage that personal brand. In both online personas’, taking the time to commit and build that brand with patience and full understanding, projects a meaningful commitment and relationship. Most consumers or people within your realm will respect an honest and genuine approach. Especially in a business sense, two-way communication and feedback is vital for a successful company. For most companies, an online presence is an active on networks such as Twitter, because it stands as the fastest way for problems or comments to be communicated efficiently and effectively. If there is an issue or even a compliment, companies hold the power to solve or communicate back with the consumer to show engagement and genuine care. As consumers, we appreciate a Re-tweet or an answer to comply with our needs fast and effectively. Recently, I experienced a company who possessed this genuine effect. T-Mobile retweeted me back on a Twitter praising me as a customer. The effect of a mention on Twitter from T-mobile was a spectacular way to personalize an experience and engage back with a consumer. In summation, a business should abide to a strategy to market their brand in a specific manner, attracting that intended target market. If it’s free it’s for me or better yet, your BUSINESS!! Advertising in newspapers and magazines is some-what ancient and lacking creativeness. Ads are okay but the SM market is in our future and has the power to spread the WOM(word of mouth) in a cult-esque voice worldwide. Investing in SM networks remains as an important link to what’s trending and if your that company leading the trend. Invest the time, thought, and correct team to pursue a SM presence. Below, Forbes lists some great strategies to assist company with guidelines participating in SM.


Until next time..


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