Simplicity Sunday’s

I have never appreciated Sundays until now, my middle twenties. As a child, I always thought Sundays were a useless day to where it is an excuse to be lazy and achieve nothing, which as a go-getter, drives me insane. As time went on, my relationship with Sundays started to change. Especially when you throw working in the mix and adult-hood kicking in, I wished for when my Sundays possessed that special lazy factor I once despised. Today, my simplicity Sunday returned and every aspect was everything and more.

Simplicity & Daisies

Simplicity & Daisies

To start off the day, sleeping was at first in mind but something screamed adventure. Today the beautiful weather alone, blue skies and moving winds, just motivated me to get out there and explore. As I sipped my light and sweet coffee, the sun shined upon porch and I wanted to be outside.** My thoughtful and handsome other half, Jason, served me the best delight of Sunday’s, breakfast! Yummy cinnamon waffles, covered in sweet syrup, served along side of cut-up bananas and delicious it was. We ate and chit-chatted our options but being outside remained a major determinant for our special day. Early mornings and beautiful weather liberated us to gallivant onto Animal Kingdom. Why not, right? Adventure is about discovering and venturing so we felt as if Animal Kingdom personified that in many ways. So no time to waste, we left and giggled the whole ride there..

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

As we arrived, the Disney madness was there. Yes, we were part of that madness but seeking a different experience than the intended. An experience enriched with the natural beauties of Sunday and a “go with the flow” attitude, my favorite kind of Disney day. To the contrary, my usual days as a concierge, full of madness, planning others’ days with saying farewell as I stand behind a desk. But not today, I was the one gallivanting, maybe even skipping, through the park looking for anything beautiful to catch my eye. We experienced so much,not because the lines were short, but it was the full of life radiance we fashioned. As we traveled Pangani’s Forest Exploration Trail, beautiful sounds of nature and animals was literally a fresh breath of air. We laughed, chit-chatted and lived life the way its meant to be lived.

Butterfly Beauty

Butterfly Beauty

As we left in the mid-afternoon, we felt as if we truly embraced this beautiful Sunday and did something meaningful for us. Most importantly, we were happy and left all of worries and stresses behind. Every Sunday, should be experienced like we experienced today. Now be mindful, we did experience a Sunday afternoon siesta and pasta, celebrating my Italian rituals. But I personified what every hard-working student or professional should be doing on their simplistic Sunday’s, LIVING!!

Sunlight In Tree's

Sunlight In Tree’s

Until next time blogbecomesher lovers..


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