The Meaning of SM Convenience

Convenience is one of the most treasured words among our society and around the world. I pick up my phone and I click into my Twitter app and walaa, the latest news trending appear from my favorite sites, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and of course #Dodd14. The accessibility of multiple trending outlets, whether it be news, fashion, videos or music, is all dedicated in your choice of subscription. Now a days, the exposure is endless because of different SM platforms working together involving multiple varieties of brands to ensure their marketed and easily accessible through all sources of outlets. The future of SM platforms thrives on this idea because of the convenience and accessibility. Anyone with various SM platforms understands how easy it is to connect Facebook with Pinterest, or Klout connecting all of the SM platforms configuring YOUR effect on SM. Whoa!! In my opinion, we live in a world that focuses so much on convenience but I honestly never knew how all of this came to be, it just was.

Through my readings in SMB and our class, I discovered the savvy tool that connects all of these worlds together. RSS(really simple syndication) is the phenomenon behind making it possible to stream content provided by you or the subscriptions made within the chosen SM platforms. When I googled RSS sites, many news outlets appeared such as CNN, ABC, The New York Times, providing the option to subscribe to categories of your choice. Next, the user connects it to the chosen RSS site such as Digg Reader, AOL reader, My Yahoo or just in general to their chosen SM platform. Below, the Times Tech locates the top four RSS sites after Google Reader is no more and adds to my supported analysis of RSS. Those are just a few of the many RSS sites designated to help the user actively engage in their likes in a fast and effective manner. Each SM platform has their own way to cleverly deliver their content which is an actual RSS site or models similar technology. Facebook utilizes the like buttons or subscribe. Twitter has it’s lists that preference your follows of a tweeter or brand. It’s amazing how the accessibility is so convenient for us users. Websites and their RSS tools have the power to format their site with what you decide in one click.

Any words come to mind with this phenomenon or do I need to spell it out..

Secretly, everyone loves to hear the words of “It’s all about you.” Hence, technology has molded itself to better understand a user when accessing search engine sites. Take for instance Google, my favorite search engine site. As I begin to search a topic, words automatically appear, encrypting the topic I am searching for. Most of the times, the initial ideas or word usage accurately leads me on the intended path. SEO(search engine optimization) makes the word match possible, allowing exposure of various types of content by just typing in the one or two key words. The SEO will even create a variety of findings. The key factor when searching is choosing the key words associated with the detailed information. For instance, I searched Fashion with the thoughts in mind of trends or fashion week. SEO generated exactly that but more detailed with pictures and the most recent news. SEM (search engine marketing) focuses on the marketing tactics researching the correct words and content to attract attention and the intended target market. BOTH SEO AND SEM go hand in hand and build upon each other. Because of the evolution in SM, the increase awareness and attention to detail will be heavily influenced through the searching of topics. Here is an example of how marketing will change within SM and how SEM should be mindful

In the world of SM, the tools discussed open a range of possibilities and conveniences. They remain as the building blocks of the fundamentals and continue to evolve for the future. Marketing is now marketed in a persuasive way without being invasive or overbearing. YOU, the user, control what is to be streamed and presented. Understand that the power is in your hands so format it to your liking. Because in this day and age, it is only advancing..


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