The Old Spice Effect

Infamously known for their out of the box marketing and advertising, Old Spice remains as an attractive brand for men. Yes, obviously I am a woman but Old Spice’s tactics demand attention from both perspectives. Every time their commercials appear on television or the internet, I cannot help but watch and giggle. I am beyond fascinated with their innovative campaign “Smellcome to Manhood,” appealing to not just men but now mothers too. Smart, considering Old Spice planned on targeting an audience of both men between 12 and 24, and their mothers. This according to the Ad Agency, listed below, Old Spice utilizes a point of view of a mother singing in desperation, who most likely will purchase the fragrance for their little boy transitioning into a grown man. In my opinion, Old Spice’s campaign within the media and audience screams creativity and markets as attractive product to a modern consumer.

In a throw back sense, Old Spice projected an image that marketed to an elder men within a baby boomer generation. As Social Times reports, this target market was an established consumer since its initial brand launch in 1938. I always associated the Old Spice brand with an elder man such as my grandpa or the sweet retiree vacationing in Florida. In a marketing plan, Old Spice had their challenges appealing to both an existing elder market and younger consumer, referring to Generation X and Millennials. Social Times lays out the campaign launching in 2010, known as the Old Spice Swagger. The campaign  first appeared on television and print, showcasing “The Old Spice Swagger” but transcended into YouTube and Twitter because of the popularity within the years. For instance, CNN and Topsy reported within a day that Old Spice was tweeted over 50,000 times and viewed online over 1 million times. This all occurring during the 2014 NFL playoff games, a perfect launch occasion for their intended audience. I feel as a consumer, Old Spice has managed to attract the intended audience and more, such as mothers, wives, girlfriends or significant others.

I visited Old Spice’s website and of course, their new campaign “Smellcome to Manhood” appeared as well as Terry Cruise, their celebrity endorser. As discussed in class, this enhances a campaigns likability among their audiences and consumers. With a celebrity like Terry Cruise, a comedic actor and retired football player, will increase a fan base among the Old Spice brand. Not to mention, as the years go on, Old Spice has conquered uniqueness within its campaign, positive or negative attention gained, and remains as a favored brand among the male demographic. No recommendations needed, I would kill for opportunity within their marketing and advertising team because of their brilliant ways.

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