Bio: As an eternal optimist in the world of young and upcoming professionals, I am beyond excited to share my journey with you!! Within the next year I will be graduating with a Bachelors in Communications following a Minor in Hospitality Management. I personify the epitome of a multi-tasking, social butterfly. Clearly, Public Relations fascinate and engage my full attention which is why it stands as my intended goal and field. As I approach these major decisions in the near future, I want to engage and learn everything possible regarding the practices of Social Media and Public Relations. I believe in hard work because I enjoy the nice things in life. Now understand the association between someone who is entitled and a hard-working gal looking for her place in the world. If you haven't already guessed, I am that gal. I thrive for success while living life in the most productive and exciting way possible. I view my life as controlled chaos, which keeps the drive and me on my toes. I live in style and view simplicity as beautiful. My time at University of Central Florida has liberated me in so many great ways that I only hope to gain more knowledge and utilize in the future practices of the PR world. To close, I take pride in this new venture and will abide to the spoken and unspoken rules because respect is who I am. One more ramble that I tell myself everyday that I will pass onto you, “Be the sun that shines upon the world.” This is BlogBecomesHer...

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